Public-Private Partnerships

Having been involved with infrastructure development and finance in many countries, FEI is able to support governments to make effective use of investments from local and international private sources to improve service delivery.

The FEI team excels at:

  • Advising governments on the use and design of public-private partnerships to improve the level of service delivery
  • Structuring and facilitating individual public-private partnership transactions

FEI has experience in helping governments improve their internal efficiency, the capacity of their staff as well as helping governments make optimal use of the private sector through Public – Private Partnerships (PPP). PPPs allow governments to pass investment planning and project design, construction, and operational roles to efficient private sector operators while retaining and improving the focus on core public sector responsibilities, such as policy, regulation, and supervision. Support has been provided to a wide range of transactions including lease-affermage, performance-based service and management contracts, output based agreements, and community-based and local private sector solutions to expand access to services to the underserved.

The team from FEI has provided strategic advice and capacity building on institutional reforms and the available options regarding PPPs including:

  • Designing and structuring PPPs
  • Developing PPP incentive schemes and their procurement
  • Mediation and facilitation of PPPs under stress and breach of contracts