Institutional Capacity Development

FEI has a team of experienced professionals with track records of institutional capacity development in a wide range of countries.

The FEI team excels at:

  • Analyzing organizations and developing realistic plans to improve service delivery, operational efficiency, and asset management
  • Supporting sector reform programs (water supply, energy, transport) including the design of related regulatory systems and entities
  • Designing and implementing training and capacity building programs
  • Designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems

The concept of institutional capacity development integrates many of the features of the traditional capacity building with governance and institutional micro-economics. In designing and implementing capacity development initiatives, more attention is devoted to the enabling environment (political, economic, and social) than in more traditional institutional development efforts. In addition, institutional capacity development combines quantitative and qualitative assessments consisting of baseline assessments and performance indicators with active efforts at stakeholder consultation.

Before governments can become more efficient and effective service providers, they need to objectively analyze their various organizations to understand the constraints that they face and the goals that they want to achieve; only then can action plans be developed to make institutions more efficient. The FEI team has provided that type of analysis to governments throughout the world, and we have helped governments and their communities develop realistic plans to improve the level of service and to become more cost-effective.

One alternative to enable government agencies to improve the quality and quantity of service delivery is to enter into contracts with local or international private operators. However, in many cases, the preferred option may be to support existing government efforts to strengthen institutional and human resource capacity to deliver services more effectively and efficiently. Such efforts may require not only developing the capacity of an institution but also changing its mindset.

The FEI team has helped governments and their communities develop realistic plans to improve the level of service and to become more cost-effective.

FEI’s expertise with change management issues and institutional and human resource development can enable governments to become more efficient and to deliver better services. FEI expertise can add value to projects in most areas of development and can be applied to sector-specific programs such as public sector reforms, as well as infrastructure development projects and programs.